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About Mind Place Team:

Mind Place Team is a symbiotic relation of Lucid Creations, Providing Employability to various Govt., public and Private Sectors with Mind Place consulting Services. Which cater the needs of fast growing innovative ideas. We are fast growing innovative design development solutions Providers with two offices from UK & India. The Development division of Mind Place Team has reputation for providing customized business applications and offering a full range of IT solutions on various platforms. It is specialized in providing Business Solutions for industries of varied sizes, Simple solutions that is the result of combining Technology with the best personnel.

Mind Place Team was formed in the first quarter of 2006 by three organizations from Graphical, System Software, Corporate Training and co-operative Management domains to form one a Multimedia Group to provide its clients the value & Holistic solution they deserve.

Lucid Creations offers professional design services in many different areas, from movies to consumer electronics, from packaging solutions to graphics, and design identity/branding programs.

Mind Place consulting offer Corporate Training, Man power consulting and as a part of social responsibility Mind Place provides in house Life Skill Program for the suburban and rural communities.

Cognitive Computing Solutions,internet & 3D graphics Software Company offering a varied selection of clientele from home web users right up to corporate a range of products and services.

SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) is followed strictly to maintain high quality and reliability of project. Through our high design process, deep understanding of people, culture and societies we are able to deliver appropriate solutions to improve people’s lives and deliver new design value for companies.

Our technology expert’s is in the design and development of applications software in Client Server and ERP – computing environment under various platforms such as Java, .Net, PHP using GUI Tools like Developer 2000, Visual Basic, Reusable Active X components and Web applications.


Easy to do business with our Products and marketing.

Be the low cost provider, we will change the old culture to new tradition.

One source for IT solutions.

Listen and respond to customer needs.

Develop long term customer relationship.

To attain a position of leadership in every area. We operate through cost effective quality service and products.

Develop products and services that help our clients in improving their performance and taking better decisions.


Our mission is to provide top quality software professional services and component solutions. We strive to:

1. Value our customer as our greatest asset.

2. Treat our employees as long term partners and

3. To leverage our core technologies into products and engineering markets to create equity value for our company.

We provide our customers with the greatest possible value by keeping abreast of leading edge technology and solutions and enable our customers to achieve the highest benefit-to- cost ratio in the software industry.


Our goals are to provide high quality software development tools and reusable components, comprehensive training and world-class consulting services to the IT industry. This will reduce the risk of development failure, improve software quality and speed up development time, which will enable our customers to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.


Primary focus is on providing high quality business consulting services and software implementation solutions.

Mind Place Team - Mind place believes in dignity of the individual. We believe that all people, be they customers, employees, vendors or others should enjoy an enriching quality and productive experience when dealing with Mind Place Team - ’s associates, products and services.

We believe that Mind Place Team - customers should:

1. Be treated with respect and honor.

2. Receive only quality products and services.

3. Receive timely and informative responses to requests.

4. Receive active service through the creative, forward thinking efforts of all employees.

We believe Mind Place Team - employees should:

1. Be empowered to succeed in their jobs through training, direction and support.

2. Have authority to speak, make and suggest changes and take actions that they view important to improve company purposes.

3. Be ale to blend their personal life harmoniously with work.

4. Treat others with respect and dignity in speech and actions.


Profit is not our primary goals. A fair profit is necessary to support our existence, but it is not our primary goal.

We believe that focusing on maximum value will ultimately yield greater profit as compared to focusing on profit for its own sake. By succeeding in our mission, we will improve the lives of software developers, software customers and users.


Constantly strive to improve quality by taking a software engineering approach to software development.

Provide our employees with excellent work environment facilities.

Also make time available for them to learn advanced technologies.

Also encourage our employees to share their experience with their colleagues as well as other developers in the software industry.